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Flame retardant jacket for winter that is robust and offers optimal protection according to the latest European standards and certifications and more standard protection. When it comes to FR jackets, your safety comes first. Flame retardant jackets from our FR Coats Fire-Resistant Jackets are made from fireproof jacket materials. The treatment interacts with the cotton in the material to provide lasting protection throughout the Flame retardant unlined jacket, very flexible shell jacket whose material is inherently flame retardant, an E3 class fabric specifically designed for metalworking industries. Fire Resistant Jacket ensure that the back is kept warm and protected even when moving Materials that guarantee high wearing comfort and optimal functionality Welding jacket with reflective details for better visibility.

Cheap FR jackets

Cheap flame retardant jackets, durable and lined winter parka perfect for working in exposed and cold environments. contains multi-standard cheap welder flame retardant jackets and welding clothing Fire Resistant Jacket as well as quality flame retardant jackets and insulated winter jackets. We have a wide range of women's fireproof jackets from our E3 class, specially designed for working in the metals industry. Easily accessible pockets for all your needs combined with a good fit, comfortable material and increased security make these women's cut Cheap Men's FR Jacket made of durable material a brilliant choice in extreme and demanding working conditions.

How do I find FR jackets?

Flame retardant, lined Men's FR Jacket to mix and match items from both collections as you wish. 360 degree visibility but not Hi-Vis certified winter jacket for protection against splashes. Can also be combined with our FR jackets which are designed to protect against molten metal splash and radiant heat while keeping the lining warm. Features sewn and optimally placed reflective details, for curved sleeves, a fireproof jacket with an extended back and an unlined jacket made of high-quality E3 class fabric specially designed for flame retardant jackets, perfect for working in exposed and cold environments in metal industries Flame Jackets is a winter anti-flame jacket with a tough, concealed, one-way metal zip and practical pockets, and has smart details like an inside pocket with an inside cell phone pocket.

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  1. Flame jacket 4030 FLAM
    As low as 146,00 €
  2. Anti-Flame Jacket
    As low as 133,00 €
  3. Multinorm Winter Jacket
    As low as 355,00 €
  4. Multinorm Winter Jacket
    As low as 288,00 €
  5. Multinorm jacket
    As low as 188,00 €
  6. Multinorm Inherent jacket
    As low as 232,00 €
  7. Multinorm inherent jacket
    As low as 258,00 €
  8. Flame retardant rainjacket
    As low as 128,00 €
  9. Multinorm Winter Parka
    As low as 444,00 €
  10. Anti-Flame Jacket
    As low as 100,00 €
  11. Anti-Flame Winter Jacket
    As low as 210,00 €
  12. Flamestat jacket 4965 MFA
    As low as 291,00 €
  13. Flamestat jacket 4174 ATHS
    As low as 280,00 €
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