Hi-Vis Shorts

Hi-vis shorts

Hi-Vis shorts are the perfect workwear for warm conditions when you also need to be extra visible. Our hi-vis shorts are made of yellow, orange and red hi-vis shorts fabric to improve your visibility at night and in difficult weather conditions like fog, soft hi-vis work shorts in slick rain and snow. They are also equipped with reflectors that reflect the light around them. Comfortable craftsman shorts with a great fit, reinforced free nail pockets and extra spacious back pocket with bellows.

Cheap high-visibility shorts

We have both yellow safety hi vis work shorts for men and cheap hivis shorts for women. Cheap high visibility shorts are made with durable materials that last and some flexible design without compromise. 3/4-length pant legs ensure cool styles are fully or partially stretchable for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, which increases visibility when working in harsh environments Shorts made from dirt, oil and water-repellent material with a soft cotton inner side.

Women's high visibility shorts

High-visibility shorts for women with highly elastic 4-way stretch inserts. Stretch inserts at the waist naturally ensure comfort. Our women's orange hi-vis work shorts are certified to current European standards and can be paired with safety-certified tops to further enhance your visibility in orange hi-vis work shorts. Hi-Vis certified Class 1 shorts with stretch panels in the front resulting in excellent comfort for the wearer. Yellow high-visibility shorts made from lightweight organic cotton.

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