Invest in Dimex workwear, Finnish design and quality that delivers. Durability, functionality, and comfort are intertwined, resulting in clothes that can handle the most demanding work conditions. With Dimex clothes, you are always prepared.

Dimex - Quality Clothes for Work

Dimex is a recognized manufacturer of high-quality work and leisure wear. With a strong passion for design and functionality, Dimex offers an extensive range of clothing that meets the demanding needs of professional workers and active people.

Our work clothes are designed to withstand tough working conditions and provide optimal protection and comfort. Focusing on durable materials and carefully selected details, we ensure that our clothing can handle the stresses and daily use. Whether you work in the construction and building sector, industry, or any other professional field, we have the clothes that suit your needs.

DimexIn addition to workwear, we also offer leisure wear perfect for an active lifestyle. Our range includes comfortable and functional clothing for outdoor activities, hiking, hunting, and fishing. We combine style and performance to give you clothes that not only look good but also meet the challenges that your leisure time may offer.

We at Dimex are committed to offering high-quality clothing at competitive prices. By using advanced manufacturing methods and carefully monitoring each step in the production process, we can ensure that each garment lives up to our strict standards. We strive to create clothes that last long and give you the best possible value for money.

Question: Are Dimex work clothes durable?
Answer: Yes, Dimex work clothes are made to withstand tough working conditions and are known for their durability.

Question: Where are Dimex work clothes made?
Answer: Dimex is a Finnish brand and most of their production takes place in Finland, ensuring a high quality standard.

Question: Are Dimex clothes comfortable?
Answer: Yes, Dimex designs its work clothes with comfort in mind. They use materials and fits that promote mobility and comfort throughout the workday.

Question: Is there a specific care instruction for Dimex clothes?
Answer: Generally, it is recommended that Dimex clothes be washed according to the instructions on the label to ensure long-lasting durability. Be sure to follow all care advice carefully.

Question: What type of work clothes does Dimex offer?
Answer: Dimex offers a wide range of work clothes, including trousers, jackets, overalls, shirts, and much more. They have clothing for different professions and working conditions.

If you're looking for reliable and durable work and leisure wear, Dimex is the obvious choice. Explore our range today and discover the clothes that will make your workday or leisure activity both safer and more comfortable.

Choose Dimex for quality clothing that stands up to all challenges. Contact us now to find out more and find your perfect clothes.

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  1. Dimex
    Coverall 60381R
    As low as €131.00
  2. Dimex
    Winter jacket 2283
    As low as €209.00
  3. Dimex
    Winter jacket 6059R
    As low as €199.00
  4. Dimex
    Winter jacket 6059Y
    As low as €199.00
  5. Dimex
    Winter jacket 695
    As low as €199.00
  6. Dimex
    Jacket 6031
    As low as €120.00
  7. Dimex
    Trousers 6032
    As low as €73.00
  8. Dimex
    Winter jacket 6350
    As low as €135.00
  9. Dimex
    Winter jacket 60211
    As low as €155.00
  10. Dimex
    Trousers 6340
    As low as €74.00
  11. Dimex
    Safety vest 6740
    As low as €94.00
  12. Dimex
    Safety jacket 6100
    As low as €113.00
  13. Dimex
    Ladies’ jacket 6012
    As low as €115.00
  14. Dimex
    Safety vest 6740R
    As low as €94.00
  15. Dimex
    Trousers 6020
    As low as €74.00
  16. Dimex
    Jacket 6210
    As low as €121.00
  17. Dimex
    Jacket 6050
    As low as €147.00
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