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    Segers manufactures clothing for kitchen and service as well as health and care. Segers was founded in 1943 and today belongs to the six percent of Swedish limited liability companies that have been awarded a triple - A for the highest credit rating in Soliditet’s credit rating system.






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    Segers will design and Segers Clothing professional clothes that promote the human desire to do a good job and feel professional pride While most of the care work clothes only Segers Clothing laundry between 40 and 60 degrees, most bacteria die at 72 degrees. Segers spring clothes can be washed at 85 degrees. High ° C ensures that all fabrics in the garment can be washed repeatedly at Segers’ collections combine classic styles with the latest trends.

    We must feel we trust the people who take care of us irrespective of whether we go to an antenatal clinic, dentist, eldercare home, physiotherapist or specialist healthcare facility.

    By having its own production in Segers, warehousing and logistics in Ukraine as well as flexible production, the company has full control over its entire production, from minimum stitch to finished product. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is included as a natural and part of the business - economic, environmental and social responsibility - in addition to the requirements of laws and agreements. Segers goal is to reduce the burden on the environment and work to achieve this goal in the long term, for example by selecting suppliers and partners based on Segers environmental standards. Segers dealers must comply with the national laws in force in the countries in which operations are conducted. Is something in the code of conduct in breach of national legislation, the law has precedence. In those countries where freedom of association is limited or under development, the supplier will help employees meet management to discuss pay and work conditions without adverse consequences. victims recognize workers right to negotiate.

    workwear for kitchens, restaurants, hotels and healthcare.

    SEGERS does not accept forced labor, involuntary or unpaid work in any form. In a world where injustices are huge and many textile companies are blind, we choose Segers to open their eyes to see the problems. And solve them. More often, we hear news about how companies Segers Clothing manufacturers who violate human rights or otherwise work unethically. At Segers we want to go for a change. They do not matter if you are a buyer or a consumer. You are entitled to know where and in what way our clothes have been manufactured. CSR is a natural part of our business - it is about thought, feeling social responsibility. 90 PROCENT of our range of work clothes we manufacture in our factories with our own staff. We see SEGERS code of conduct as a minimum level for our suppliers. Buy clothes from Segers spring and summer 2017
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