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    Tranemo Workwear

    Tranemo Workwear has manufactured high-quality products since 1934 and makes advanced workwear. Tranemo Workwear produces workwear and safety clothing with attitude and personality.






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    Tranemo Workwear Tranemo Workwear Tranemo is a leading European supplier of inherently flame retarded work clothes. Med kompetent rådgivning og innovative produkter, arbejder vi mod en nulvision af alvorlige flamrelaterede ulykker.


    Our assortment of amber clothing is large and is suitable for those who work in environments where there is a risk of exposure to arc, in metalworking, in petrochemical industries, in power and power industries or in ATEX-rated environments. Our ammunition garments are comfortable to wear, ensuring that the garment is always used and protects when the accident is over. Tranemo Workwear only uses inherently flame retardant fibers of the highest quality. You will receive a permanent flame retardant as long as the garment is delivered. TRANEMO only markets amber clothing with 100% inherent amber protection that guarantees the wearer a lifetime protection. The flame retardant function resides inside the molecule structure and can not be washed or worn out. Garments with inherent bristles become lightweight, comfortable and durable and have permanent protection. Other molten metals and alloys have different melting points, viscosity and production processes that challenge the protective clothing in different ways. Melted metal stuck in the garment can cause burns, therefore the garment is designed to minimize that risk. The standard they renounce a minimum design requirement with eg. closed and hidden metal accessories. For many industries, this protection is not enough, but with the right design we can prevent rapid heat penetration in the garment. Re exerted on the least exposed surfaces to reduce the risk of molten metal stuck in the sample or the garment. If you work with metals other than iron and steel, please contact us and we can help you find the right solution for your particular business. Protective clothing that protects against heat and flare Tranemo Workwear.

Tranemo Workwear

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