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    Nybo Workwear has been one of the key players in the lightweight workwear market since 1962. Through innovation och development the main goal is to be at the leading - edge of diverse demands for fashion, design and quality.






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    Nybo Workwear With a focus on accessibility, sustainability, function and design, you have secured yourself the market's best and most complete solution, when choosing a Nybo workwear product at retailers or laundries. Our ambition is to become Europe's fastest supplier of lighter newborn work clothes - it is an ambition that you can benefit from in your business. As the seasons work together and the boundaries between work and leisure disappear, we also change the style of our work clothes, which get a more casual and fashion-inspired look. Our work clothes have gained a more prominent role in our lives and the requirement for a more relaxed and personal look is greater than ever before. Flair is a shirt collection created with inspiration from the current fashion trends. The colors are classic and vibrant and with elegant contrasts. The collection contains four different models: women's shirt, unisex shirt, dambussarong and unisexbusarong. With this collection width, there should be something for everyone.

    NATURE collection Nybo Workwear workwear

    From having been a marginal interest in sustainability, it has become a common common initiative. We have the opportunity to look at the issues from a new perspective, to approach problems from a scientific and creative point of view. When choosing a solution from Nybo Workwear you always get four strong elements: Accessibility: Our ambition is to produce fast and deliver your order from our own factory in Europe - even at larger series and special requirements for eg size. We know that speed is crucial in your business. Durability: Your Nybo work clothes are subjected to wear and tear and tough conditions - both in everyday life and during washing and drying. You also have the opportunity to develop individual solutions in cooperation with our design department. Design: Nybo Workwear must work for many years. Therefore, the products must balance between the modern and the classic. Our goal is that the user feels comfortable and radiates professionalism every day. At Nybo Workwear retailers, we have many customers. Nybo Workwear delivers variants of our standard range (eg alternative colors) or develops custom solutions in cooperation with you. These goods can be ordered continuously in attractive minimum quantities and with attractive terms. Get more information from your contact person at Nybo Workwear. Nybo Workwear products and solutions are available through two channels: Industrial laundries Reseller

    Traditional Health & Care (healthcare, health, hospitals and similar institutions)

    Casual Care & Service (care, health, cleaning, service and the like)

    Gastronomy & Catering (chefs, waiters - cooking food in general)

    Light Industry (Food, Meat / Fish, Laboratories, Electronics, Bio-Tech)

    traditional Health & Care In this section you will find products for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities. The style is traditional in white or colored models. The perfect solution if you want to signal professionalism in healthcare. Here you will find clothes for: nurses Caregivers Doctor Dentist The clinic staff Casual Care & SERVICE In this section you will find solutions for a wide range of health and service personnel. The visual expression is more relaxed, with fabric, squares, pockets, details and colors, which are more reminiscent of a everyday wardrobe. Here you will find clothes for: Care staff and home care The clinic staff Cleaning staff Warehousing and logistics Light industry Clothes that are used in production, often have to meet very high demands on function and durability. We deliver solutions to some of the most demanding customers in the food industry, biotechnology and electronics. You will find products with special features:
    • HACCP
    • Clean Room
    • Coated textiles
    Basic In all occupational groups and industries, almost all employees need some basic goods. We have put together a small range from quality suppliers. We want you to get the same good quality experience as when you buy our own products. Many of the products are suitable for industrial washing and drying:
    • T-shirts
    • Polo Shirts
    • sweatshirts
    • Outdoor
    Today Nybo Workwear is represented in all North European countries. The head quarter is based in Viborg in Denmark and sales, warehouse, administration and the main part of the design and construction work are handled from here. Most of the production is carried out at our own factories in Latvia and Laos. Today Nybo Workwear employs about 35 people in Viborg and 280 people in Latvia and Laos. SegmentCasual Care Service Gastronomy Catering Light Industry Traditional Health Care Waiter's Universe Basic TopsBusarong Jacket Rock Dress Chef Jacket Tennis Shirt Shirt Sweatshirt T-shirt Tunic WaistcoatsTrousers Skirt AccessoriesJumper Headgear Buttons Outdoor FeltWomen's Cook Jacket, Out-line 101003120 Women's Chef Jacket, Out-line 101003120 Women's Boot, Out-line 101003120 Women's Boot Jacket, Out-line 101003120 Women's Boot Jacket, Out-line 101003120 Women's Boot Jacket, Out-line 101003120 Women's Boots Tailor 101011100 Damkockjacka, Tailor 101011100 Damkockjacka, Tailor 101011100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101007100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 101008100 Stylish and trendy Chef Rock Flow 501003100 Stylish and trendy Chef Rock Flow 501003100 Stylish and trendy Nybo Workwear Nybo Workwear

Nybo Workwear

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