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Stylish work jacket, we have all kinds of work jackets - wind jackets and work jackets. The range is also large when it comes to styles, so there is always something here, whether you are looking for a long, short, narrow or spacious work jacket. For spring / summer events, one or more may be best. While a shell work jacket, a winter work jacket for men or with features such as a waterproof and effective ventilation waterproof work jacket in the winter will allow you to have a nice day on the slopes.

Are you looking for a trendy waterproof work jacket with stylish details, a warm winter work jacket for cold winter days or a classic English quilted work jacket? We offer a wide range of work jackets for women. Here you will find only work jackets for men brands and high quality. Perfect for women who follow fashion and are only happy with the best. We have clothes for all occasions and styles, so you can easily find your model.

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Staying warm and stylish with work jackets from women's work jackets is a classic garment, but it is actually much younger than you might think. Large masses reached it first in the middle. found that women's work jacket has become the latest trend for both women and men. Shortly afterwards, a winter work jacket became a socially acceptable and popular work jackets for women.

How do I find the right work jacket?

Both warm and stylish The insulated winter work jackets now fit well with stylish style. Choose from thinner options with high-tech lining that keeps you warm while maintaining a clean silhouette. For spring, winter and winter, there are work jackets that are so thin and beautiful that you do not want to take them off - they are a natural part of the stylish look! Overcoat is a term for a slightly elongated variant of a work jacket that goes down the leg a bit, sometimes down to the ankles.

The difference between different work jackets men

Discover our large selection of work jackets! A lot is happening this season in jackets and we see everything from soft suede to long wool coats and work jackets for men. It is undeniable that the fashion world has been taken over by faux fur and oversized work jackets. Do not miss our large selection of winter work jackets, a classic that never gets old! The ideal work jacket or coat should combine good style with good functionality.

What is a good winter work jackets?

Outerwear is in many ways the backbone of yours. The men's lined work jackets and coats you have should fit all your outfits and depending on the outdoor temperature and what you come up with, different lined men's work jackets are the obvious choice. The men's work jacket can be a classic work jackets for men, softshell work jacket, women's reflective work jacket, pilot jacket, thermal work jacket or parka. On this page you will find all types of practical work jackets for men for We have comfortable and durable winter work jackets in various models and functions, such as thumb grips, several side pockets with zipper, inner pockets and an internal phone pocket made of durable materials that can withstand severe stress.

What size should I work jackets?

All functions needed in different craft professions are simple. A winter work jacket must have several properties such as functionality, fit, durability and safety when needed. It needs to be able to withstand the weather and wind and meet the challenges you get.

Care instructions for work jacket

However, the first known workwear jacket were already used during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance and then as a winter work jacket for men. During the 20th century, the term "workwear jacket" was developed to include significantly more alternatives than the classic, formal type, and today the work jacket is available in a variety of workwear jacket, from sporty to elegant, from cool winter to moderately warm for protection against the Arctic cold and from short sleeves to longer and more versatile. The work jacket definitely has a place in everyone's work jackets and provides protection for both work jackets and style!

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  1. Blåkläder
    Hybrid jacket
    As low as €129.00
  2. Blåkläder
    Fleece jacket Evolution
    As low as €142.00
  3. Blåkläder
    Micro fleece jacket
    As low as €84.00
  4. Blåkläder
  5. Blåkläder
    Microfleece jacket
    As low as €89.00
  6. Blåkläder
  7. Blåkläder
    Winter Parka
    As low as €229.00
  8. Blåkläder
    Shell jacket
    As low as €209.00
  9. Blåkläder
    Ladies microfleece jacket
    As low as €89.00
  10. Blåkläder
    Ladies lightweight lined functional jacket
    As low as €142.00
  11. Blåkläder
    Ladies winter jacket
    As low as €219.00
  12. Blåkläder
    Ladies hi-vis knitted jacket
    As low as €137.00
  13. Blåkläder
  14. Blåkläder
    Windproof Fleece jacket
    As low as €149.00
  15. Blåkläder
    Softshell Jacket
    As low as €104.00
  16. Blåkläder
    Pro Softshell Jacket
    As low as €134.00
  17. Blåkläder
    Hoodie with pile lining
    As low as €99.00
  18. Blåkläder
    Ladies knitted jacket
    As low as €105.00
  19. Blåkläder
    Knitted jacket
    As low as €105.00
  20. Blåkläder
    Hybrid jacket
    As low as €105.00
  21. Blåkläder
    Ladies High Vis Jacket Softshell
    As low as €109.00
  22. Blåkläder
    Ladies micro fleece Jacket
    As low as €84.00
  23. Blåkläder
    Knitted High Vis jacket
    As low as €137.00
  24. Blåkläder
    Knitted high vis jacket
    As low as €119.00
  25. Blåkläder
    Ladies softshell jacket
    As low as €134.00
  26. Blåkläder
    Winter jacket
    As low as €103.00
  27. Blåkläder
    Winter pilot jacket
    As low as €116.00
  28. Blåkläder
    Winter jacket
    As low as €159.00
  29. Blåkläder
    Ladies Shell Jacket
    As low as €209.00
  30. Blåkläder
    High vis Softshell Jacket
    As low as €105.00
  31. Blåkläder
    Ladies High vis jacket
    As low as €118.00
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