Work pirate shorts

Here you will find work pirate shorts for professional craftsmen who work in warmer weather. The 3/4 trousers provide optimal protection for the knees at the same time as they are made of a quick-drying material with good ventilation for comfortable work in cooler conditions.
Perfect for hot weather. Newly designed pirate trousers made of durable Rip-Stop material. Improved with maximum comfort, superior knee pads, reinforcements and several easily accessible pockets. Reinforced with a loose fit, twisted leg design and the Snickers wedge in the crotch for maximum comfort when working in hot weather. Buy your stretchy and functional pirate trousers front, back and legs for optimal freedom of movement and comfort Create a pirate in a modern, 4-way stretch fit.

Cheap work pirate shorts

Shorts and work pirate shorts. Get ready for both rest and work, regardless of the weather! A large selection of work pirate shorts from suppliers that have work pirate shorts women legs and knee pockets can be placed in two levels. Two front pockets. Two reinforced back pockets with bellows. Freely hanging nail pockets reinforced with cheap pirate trousers are equipped with three extra compartments and shelves for tools.

How do I find the right work pirate shorts man?

With these work pirate shorts, you get a flexible design without compromising. 3/4 long legs keep you cool. Two reinforced back pockets are also available as work shorts or pirate trousers. They are great for working in warm environments, both outdoors and indoors. Our work shorts and work pirate shorts are as comfortable and durable as our regular work pirate shorts stretch. work pirate shorts and work shorts are available in many different designs, all with practical functions.

The difference between different snickers pirate shorts

When you need attention on a hot day, these sophisticated snickers pirate shorts are a great choice. They offer comfortable, dry comfort with full functionality and protection with large pockets and KneeGuard Pro. Stretchy snickers pirate shorts for everyday comfort. Slim fit for freedom of movement and elastic earmuffs for extra durability and better protection.

What is a good work pirate shorts woman?

Pirate trousers Men, quick-drying pirate trousers that combine advanced 37.5 ™ technology with superior knee protection. Modern design built into the branch for fantastic freedom of movement, extremely quick-drying material with 37.5 ™ technology that captures and releases moisture for superior cool and dry running comfort. Side panels designed for better weight distribution, improved KneeGuard Pro with expansion wedges to keep the knee pads in place. Easily accessible work pirate shorts woman.

What size should I stretch work shorts?

Shorts and pirate work shorts. Prepare Buy your stretchy and functional pirate work shorts for both leisure and work regardless of the weather!

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  1. Blåkläder
    Ladies service shorts with stretch
    As low as €84.00
  2. Blåkläder
    Craftsman shorts stretch X1900
    As low as €179.00
  3. Blåkläder
    Pirate Shorts stretch X1900
    As low as €192.00
  4. Blåkläder
    Craftsman shorts 4-way stretch X1900
    As low as €186.00
  5. Blåkläder
    Craftsman shorts with stretch
    As low as €120.00
  6. Blåkläder
    High Vis shorts with stretch
    As low as €120.00
  7. Blåkläder
    High Vis pirate shorts
    As low as €102.00
  8. Blåkläder
    Painters Shorts
    As low as €79.00
  9. Blåkläder
    High vis shorts
    As low as €95.00
  10. Blåkläder
    As low as €87.00
  11. Blåkläder
    Craftsman Shorts Lightweight
    As low as €15.00
  12. Blåkläder
    Shorts X1500
    As low as €112.00
  13. Blåkläder
    Pirate Shorts X1500
    As low as €128.00
  14. Blåkläder
    Service Shorts
    As low as €70.00
  15. Blåkläder
    Service shorts with nailpockets
    As low as €81.00
  16. Blåkläder
    As low as €71.00
  17. Blåkläder
  18. Blåkläder
  19. Blåkläder
    Stretchy pirate trousers
    As low as €134.00
  20. Blåkläder
    High vis shorts with stretch
    As low as €113.00
  21. Blåkläder
  22. Blåkläder
    X1500 Painters Shorts
    As low as €104.00
  23. Blåkläder
    X1500 Painters Pirate Trousers
    As low as €115.00
  24. Blåkläder
    Service shorts stretch
    As low as €84.00
  25. Blåkläder
    Industry shorts stretch
    As low as €64.00
  26. Blåkläder
  27. Fristads
    Shorts 254 BPC
    As low as €89.00
  28. Fristads
    Craftsman shorts 201 FAS
    As low as €109.00
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