Brynje shoes are made with a combination of high-quality materials and innovative design, offering unparalleled comfort and protection. They are changing the game for work shoes by offering you long-lasting durability and support throughout your workday. Take your next step with Brynje shoes - for quality you can rely on.

Brynje: Advanced Technology for Optimal Comfort and Performance

Discover Brynje and enjoy superior comfort and performance for all your activities. With innovative technology and meticulous design, footwear offers exceptional functionality and durability that suits both professional and recreational purposes.

Why choose Brynje footwear? Foremost, Brynje is renowned for its advanced ventilation technology. By combining high-quality materials with unique ventilation systems, Brynje footwear ensures your feet stay cool and dry even under the most demanding conditions. You can expect optimal air circulation and moisture wicking, helping prevent excessive sweating and odour.

BrynjeBrynje footwear is also designed with a focus on comfort. With ergonomic design and individual adjustments, they offer a perfect fit and support for your feet. Whether you need shoes for long work shifts or active sports activities, Brynje footwear will provide a comfortable experience by reducing fatigue and strain on your feet.

Question: Where is Brynje footwear manufactured?
Answer: Brynje footwear is manufactured by Brynje of Norway, a Norwegian company that specializes in creating technologically advanced safety shoes.

Question: What types of footwear does Brynje offer?
Answer: Brynje offers a wide range of safety shoes and boots for various occupations and environments. These include but are not limited to safety shoes, work boots, and specific solutions for healthcare, service, construction, and industrial work.

Question: Are Brynje shoes waterproof?
Answer: Many Brynje shoes are waterproof or water-resistant, but it varies between models. Always check the product information for specific details about each model.

Question: How should I best care for my Brynje shoes?
Answer: To maximize the lifespan of your Brynje shoes, it is recommended to clean them regularly with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry. Use suitable shoe care products to maintain the quality and function of the material.

Question: Are Brynje shoes suitable for cold conditions?
Answer: Yes, Brynje offers models that are insulated and suitable for work in cold conditions. Make sure to check the product specifications to ensure the shoes meet your requirements.

In addition, Brynje shoes are crafted to be durable and resilient. They are constructed with high-quality materials and robust construction to withstand demanding work environments and challenging terrains. With Brynje shoes, you can trust that they will last long and resist wear and tear.

Whether you're a professional worker, an athlete, or an active individual who values comfort and performance, Brynje shoes are an excellent choice. Explore the extensive range of Brynje footwear today and discover why they are a favourite among those seeking high-quality shoes with advanced technology.

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  1. Brynje
    1024 Solid 2.0
    As low as €114.00
  2. Brynje
    110 Flex Fit
    As low as €119.00
  3. Brynje
    111 Flex Fit
    As low as €134.00
  4. Brynje
    201 Force Shoe
    As low as €140.00
  5. Brynje
    202 Force Boot
    As low as €156.00
  6. Brynje
    203 Force Rapid Shoe
    As low as €144.00
  7. Brynje
    302 Blue Style
    As low as €188.00
  8. Brynje
    303 Blue Power
    As low as €162.00
  9. Brynje
    304 Blue Drive
    As low as €188.00
  10. Brynje
    305 Blue Energy
    As low as €162.00
  11. Brynje
    306 Green Way Shoe
    As low as €188.00
  12. Brynje
    309 Green Sprinter
    As low as €154.00
  13. Brynje
    312 Active
    As low as €162.00
  14. Brynje
    313 Athletic BOA®
    As low as €175.00
  15. Brynje
    314 Grey Athletic
    As low as €154.00
  16. Brynje
    316 Blue Breeze
    As low as €154.00
  17. Brynje
    354 Green Working Shoe
    As low as €139.00
  18. Brynje
    361 Light Industry
    As low as €150.00
  19. Brynje
    379 Tasmania 2.0
    As low as €191.00
  20. Brynje
    411 Robust
    As low as €214.00
  21. Brynje
    412 All Round
    As low as €251.00
  22. Brynje
    413 Supporter
    As low as €268.00
  23. Brynje
    417 Welder Protection
    As low as €235.00
  24. Brynje
    421 Advantage
    As low as €214.00
  25. Brynje
    433 Breeze
    As low as €270.00
  26. Brynje
    469 Boston
    As low as €209.00
  27. Brynje
    490 B-Dry Outdoor Shoe
    As low as €214.00
  28. Brynje
    494 B-Dry Outdoor Boot
    As low as €292.00
  29. Brynje
    513 Auriga
    As low as €162.00
  30. Brynje
    642 Stream
    As low as €242.00
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Items 1-32 of 41

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