• Smila Workwear

    Smila Workwear

    Smila garments are made to be worn regularly and in demanding situations. They can be washed at high temperatures time after time, ensuring excellent hygiene and a long lifespan.






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    The garments can no longer be called profile clothing in the traditional sense, but rather clothing that pleases the user as the viewer by combining function with design. The clothes help to create relationships with both the wearer and the person who sees them. The good result of Smila's efforts inspires the company to try to become even better for every season. Smila's clothes have a high degree of fashion while it is A and O that the fit is good. Smila's clothing has a slightly tighter fit and sits close to the body. Smile Workwear follows your slightest movement in a comfortable way. Work clothes should be ready to be used frequently and in tough situations. Requirements for hygiene and long service life mean that the garments must be able to be washed at high temperatures many times. All materials used by Smila can meet these requirements. Smile Workwear has a certified organic collection according to GOTS, which has the toughest rules for organic fibers, the only manufacturers in working clothes for health and health. The approval also applies to work environment.

    Smile Workwear

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Smila Workwear

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