Granberg offers protective gloves with ultimate flexibility and durability. By combining top-quality materials with innovative design, we create a safer, more comfortable workday. Discover Granberg's comfort and performance in your work.

Granberg - High-Performance Hand Protection for All Work Environments

Granberg Gloves is a reliable manufacturer of high-performance hand protection that meets the demanding needs of professional workers around the world. Focusing on quality, safety, and comfort, Granberg offers gloves designed to protect the hands in various work environments.

Our gloves are made with carefully selected high-quality materials to ensure durability and protection against various risks. We use advanced technology and innovative design details to meet the specific requirements for various professions and industries. Whether you work in construction, industry, healthcare, or any other area, we have the gloves that suit your needs.

GranbergSafety is our top priority. Our gloves are designed to protect hands from cuts, blows, abrasion, and chemicals. We offer different levels of protection and certified gloves according to relevant safety standards to ensure that you can work safely and protected.

Comfort is also an important factor for us. We strive to offer gloves that are comfortable to wear for long work shifts. Our gloves are designed with ergonomics in mind and have a good fit, flexibility, and good breathability to minimize discomfort and facilitate freedom of movement.

Granberg Gloves also offers specialized gloves for specific needs, such as work gloves, protective gloves, and chemical-resistant gloves. We offer different sizes and models to suit different hands and tasks.

Question: What types of gloves does Granberg offer?
Answer: Granberg offers a wide range of gloves for different uses, including general work, protection, heat-resistant, chemical, and cut-resistant gloves.

Question: Are Granberg's gloves certified?
Answer: Yes, all Granberg gloves meet relevant EU standards and are CE marked, which means they have been tested and meet high safety requirements.

Question: How should I take care of my Granberg gloves?
Answer: Maintenance varies depending on the glove. Leather gloves should not be soaked, while some other gloves can be machine washed. Always make sure to read and follow the care instructions on the product label.

Question: How do I choose the right size for my Granberg gloves?
Answer: Granberg has a size guide on their website that you can use to measure your hand and find the right size.

Question: Where can I buy Granberg's gloves?
Answer: You can buy Granberg's gloves from several different retailers, both online at Swedwear and in physical stores. You can find a list of retailers on Granberg's website.

For high-performance hand protection that meets your professional needs, choose Granberg Gloves. Contact us today to explore our range and find the perfect gloves for your workplace. With Granberg Gloves , you can protect and care for your hands in the best possible way.

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