Terms & Conditions

Workwear North AB reserves the right to have errors in texts, images and prices as well as in adjustments of technical specifications such as price changes that are beyond our control.

Age restrictions

Workwear North AB does not include agreements with minors (under 18 years) without approval of their legal guardian.


Workwear North AB clearly indicates prices excluding VAT and including VAT throughout the website. We reserve the right for VAT changes along with price- and currency fluctuations beyond our control. Orders under € 100 cannot be placed. Large quantities of products are offered on request.

Complaints & Guarantee

Workwear North AB takes full responsibility for damaged products if the buyer submits a complaint in writing within 30 days from the date of purchase. If the claim is approved (by us), we will pay the return costs and replace the item or exchange it for a similar product. As a consumer, you are entitled to return a product if the properties differ from the description, except for products with dye, print or embroidery.

Delivery Cost

Shipping from 10 EUR.

Delivery obligation

The retailer will ship the item within 30 days from the day you made your order. However, it is possible to agree on another reasonable delivery time. If the retailer does not deliver products on time and it is not caused by you, you are entitled to cancel the agreement. If you cancel the agreement, the retailer is required to return what you have paid. This will happen no later than 30 days from the date the retailer has received your cancellation notice.

Stained, printed and embroidered products

Dyed, printed or embroidered products cannot be returned unless the product has obvious damage. If the agreement relates to personal made product which includes dyed products, prints or embroidery, it is possible to return the product with obvious damage even though it is custom made.

Integrity Policy – GDPR

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU, we process your personal data only for the purposes of providing our services. Personal data may include your name, social security number and contact details. The processing of personal data refers to all action taken with them, including but not limited to; gathering, registration and storage. To provide our services your personal data is shared with our suppliers as necessary for the purposes of ordering and shipment. We do not sell your personal information, nor will we at any point in the future.

If necessary, we may also gather some personal data from external partners, such as your home address from a public directory or your creditworthiness from a credit rating agency, bank or credit bureau.

In accordance with relevant data protection laws you are eligible to access the personal data of yours which we process. You may also demand to get incorrect data corrected, that Workwear North AB stops processing your data and deletes it, or that the processing is limited somehow. If such actions are in order, please contact us. You also have the right to submit a complaint to a relevant supervisory authority if you deem your personal data to have been handled in ways which violate relevant data protection laws. Additionally, Workwear North AB liable to provide personal data, should police or another authority need these, for instance, as part of a crime investigation.