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    ProJob uses strong, well-proven materials in their clothes and carefully presses the seams. Although the details of the garments are stylish - they always fill a function. For example, the areas that wears down during work are reinforced.






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    A smart and flexible carrying system, such as Projob's work clothes, makes work safer, more efficient and fun. Work clothes must withstand many strains. We use strong, well-proven materials in our clothes and call them carefully in the seams. The details of our garments are stylish - but they always have a function.


    Projob notice has since the start had the vision to provide Projob notices that give professionals the best possible environment to be able to work safely and save on the body. Unnecessary injuries, diseases or wear and tear are not only unnecessary, but also an expensive story for the employer. Now, Projob takes the step and launches a collection of flame retardant garments. In this brochure you will find garments in materials that are developed and specially designed to meet very high flame retardancy requirements. When developing these garments, as much effort as before has been put into getting a fit that is comfortable on the body and at the same time provides good freedom of movement in the daily work. Our flame retardants meet the high demands and are certified, among other things, according to EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-5, EN 13034, EN 61482, EN 471 and EN 14116. Obviously, Projob does the utmost to contribute to sustainable development. Our new flame retardant material means that we no longer need to wear the flame retardants that are otherwise quite common when it comes to professional clothes. Instead, we use an inherent flame retardant that can neither be washed nor worn away and thus end up in the groundwater or nature. It is important to keep in mind that flame retardants are used to prevent flames from spreading, not to keep all heat out of the garment for a long time. On the other hand, a flame retardant garment is resistant to heat for some time and, together with a flame base, this time is doubled. Flame retardant clothing should always be used closed / snapped and the cover will deteriorate when used with non-flame-retarded garments. Before use, the user should check that there is no damage to the garment. The user should also know how to get rid of the garment quickly in the event of an accident. Projob dealer welders to use welding apron in leather to protect the garments from welds. A wet, dirty or sweaty garment gives poorer protection and therefore the garments must be washed frequently. When a garment is exposed to flame, it is destroyed and must be replaced for best protection. Any repairs must be made with materials that maintain the same protection class as the garment itself. Transfer and embroidery can affect a garment's protection. Therefore, consult with the person who marks the garment so that the label does not destroy the flame retardant. Different occupational groups may have different needs for different protection regarding work and protective clothing.
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