Grundéns is known for its durable, weather-resistant workwear, primarily designed for commercial fishermen and industrial workers. They combine functionality, comfort, and safety to withstand the toughest working conditions.

Grundens - Your First Choice for High-Quality Fishing Clothes!

Grundens is the leading brand in fishing clothes and professional garments for marine environments. With over 100 years of experience and dedication to manufacturing durable and reliable clothes, we are the obvious choice for fishermen and professionals all over the world.

Our range of Grundens fishing clothes includes everything from waterproof rain jackets and trousers to thermal base layers and flotation suits. Whether you fish in extreme weather or work in marine environments, we have the clothes you need to keep you dry, comfortable, and protected.

1. Question: How should I wash my Grundéns clothes?

Answer: Most Grundéns garments can be machine washed with cold water. However, it is recommended to read and follow the instructions on the wash tag in the clothes for the best result.

2. Question: Are Grundéns clothes waterproof?

Answer: Yes, Grundéns manufactures clothes specifically to withstand weather and wind. Their clothes are designed to be fully waterproof and windproof to cope with tough working conditions, especially in commercial fishing.

3. Question: Are there Grundéns clothes for women?

Answer: Yes, Grundéns offers clothes for both men and women. They strive to offer functional and durable clothes for everyone who works in tough conditions.

4. Question: Where are Grundéns clothes made?

Answer: Grundéns is a global company with production facilities in several locations around the world. They strive to maintain a high quality standard no matter where the products are made.

5. Question: Are Grundéns clothes durable?

Answer: Yes, Grundéns clothes are known for their durability. They are designed to withstand demanding working conditions and to be durable even during prolonged use.

We use innovative materials and advanced technology to manufacture our fishing clothes. Our garments are engineered to withstand tough conditions and endure long-term use. We understand the importance of having the right equipment to be able to work efficiently and safely, and our clothes deliver just that.

We strive to offer a seamless and smooth experience for our customers. We know that fast delivery and available information are important to you. That's why we work hard to give you the best service and support you deserve.

So whether you're a professional fisherman looking for durable clothes for demanding working conditions or a leisure fisherman needing reliable clothes for your passion, Grundens is the right choice. Explore our wide range of fishing clothes and discover why Grundens is the preferred brand for anyone needing clothes that can withstand the toughest marine life has to offer.

Grundens - Your choice for high-quality fishing clothes and marine professional clothes. Explore our range of durable rainwear, flotation suits, and base layers. Buy online and experience why Grundens is the leading brand for fishermen and professionals.

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  1. Grundens
    Bootlegger Roll Top Backpack 30L
    As low as €104.50
  2. Grundens
    Bulkhead Stretch Jacket
    As low as €142.50
  3. Grundens
    Dillingham Tech Hoodie
    As low as €94.05
  4. Grundens
    Balder 320 Jacket
    As low as €177.65
  5. Grundens
    Balder 504 Bib Pants
    As low as €145.35
  6. Grundens
    Black Fårö Coat 460
    As low as €218.50
  7. Grundens
    Brigg 25 Sleeves
    As low as €35.15
  8. Grundens
    Brigg 26 Sleeves
    As low as €39.90
  9. Grundens
    Brigg 34 Anorak
    As low as €145.35
  10. Grundens
    Brigg 38 Anorak
    As low as €104.50
  11. Grundens
    Brigg 40 Parka
    As low as €145.35
  12. Grundens
    Brigg 44 Parka
    As low as €159.60
  13. Grundens
    Brigg Apron 95
    As low as €60.80
  14. Grundens
    Brigg Jacket 310
    As low as €237.50
  15. Grundens
    Brigg Jacket 320
    As low as €170.05
  16. Grundens
    Bris 22 Sleeves
    As low as €25.65
  17. Grundens
    Bris Apron 398
    As low as €70.30
  18. Grundens
    Bris Apron 96
    As low as €30.40
  19. Grundens
    Clipper 116 Bib Pants
    As low as €101.65
  20. Grundens
    Cyclone Bib
    As low as €59.85
  21. Grundens
    Cyclone Jacket
    As low as €61.75
  22. Grundens
    Dry Fly SS T-Shirt
    As low as €25.65
  23. Grundens
    Women’s Script Hoodie
    As low as €61.75
  24. Grundens
    We Are Fishing Trucker
    As low as €28.50
  25. Grundens
    Trident Pant
    As low as €113.05
  26. Grundens
    Transmit Jacket
    As low as €208.05
  27. Grundens
    Transmit Bib
    As low as €199.50
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