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    Grundens clothes are completely watertight for professional users and fast-paced people. The assortment of Grundens target mostly professional users in four categories as: Fishing, Industry, Building & Construction. Even hewers and agriculturists use clothes.






    The Grundens clothes are completely waterproof for professional users and people on the go. Grundén's range is primarily aimed at professional users in four categories such as: Professional fishing, Industry, Construction & Construction. Craftsmen, miners and farmers also use the garments.

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    RAINWEAR WITH ALL QUALITY Our development continues while we humbly preserve the traditions and knowledge that our predecessors have once created. We have a legacy to preserve and it is important that we do it with authenticity. Based on our history of making the best possible rainwear for professional fishing, we now try Grundens retailers use this knowledge to make qualitative, functional and sustainable rain and protective clothing for several professional categories. By talking to and listening to you who use our products, Grundens knows that you all have different needs both in terms of function and material. With that as a starting point, Grundens tries to develop, produce and deliver solutions specifically tailored to your needs. In order to enable our ambition to become a leader in professional rainwear, we want to integrate the cooperation with you further so never hesitate to give us feedback if what you think Grundens needs to improve on or what you think Grundens lacks in our offer, it is our cooperation. between which makes us all better and our business operations sustainable.


    Ever since its inception, Grundens has been specialists in producing optimal rainwear. With over 100 years in the industry, we have a lot of material knowledge and production Grundens retailers. With welded seams we can guarantee that our garments are 100% waterproof and live up to the standard EN 343. Our high quality is also ensured by the fact that each unique garment is carefully displayed before it is packed and delivered. Grundéns has developed completely waterproof rainwear for hard-working men and women for over 100 years. Our first garments were made for professional fishermen but today we offer user-adapted rainwear in various segments such as: Grundens fishing clothes, construction & plant, industry and service as well as outdoor. With the ambition of being a world leader in rainwear for all professions that require absolute waterproofness and high wear resistance, we have not only broadened our range, but also made it deeper. Based on material and product characteristics, each garment is defined as either Heavy Duty, Medium Duty or Light Duty.


    Fishing is not a profession for anyone. It is a job with genuine affiliation and great professional pride in those who are ready to endure tough conditions and violent weather. Storm winds and heavy lake with roaring salt water constitute a work environment that requires extraordinary men and women. As well as extraordinary clothes. With durable and completely waterproof materials, body-fitting reinforcements and specific details, these garments guarantee optimal protection and freedom of movement in very wet conditions. These garments are developed for Grundens fishing clothes but also work well for other professionals and activities that require robust and completely waterproof rainwear of the highest quality. Construction workers are undoubtedly tougher than most. Even though a stormy weather thunders over the workplace, they continue working, determined to keep the deadline. It is simply the way they are. And that's why construction workers must be able to rely on their work clothes. With durable and completely waterproof materials, body-adapted reinforcements and professional-specific details, these garments guarantee optimum protection and freedom of movement in very wet conditions Grundens stockholm. Industrial and service is a broad category with professional clothing designed for specific needs in the oil, mining and food industry and similar industries where dirt, chemicals, low temperatures and / or wet conditions are common. With durable and protective materials, body-fitting reinforcements and work-specific details, this garment ensures optimal protection and freedom of movement. People who like to hunt, fish, hike or otherwise explore the elements feel a deep connection to nature. A lock call from the wilderness that makes them spend much of their leisure time in nature regardless of the weather. It doesn't matter if the sky suddenly opens and releases a violent hail storm. They continue untouched with their activity, secure in their interaction with nature and in the clothes they wear. With durable and completely waterproof materials, body-fitting reinforcements and work-specific details, this garment ensures optimal protection and freedom of movement in very wet conditions.
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