Work shirts

Work shirts made of hard-wearing cotton fabric of very high quality - ideal for almost all indoor and outdoor work. Work shirts have long sleeves, reinforced elbows, smooth cuffs and two breast pockets with flaps. offers work shirts specially adapted for kitchen and service work, crafts and other service work. In our range you will find shirts in several different models and colors - your choice is large.

Work shirts for men

Our affordable work shirts will keep you looking professional at work shirts for men, easy to work with and able to withstand heavy use. You will find a wide range of quality work shirts for all purposes and industries. Work shirts from can be used for both work and leisure and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our range. Cheap work shirts are available in many different variants and designs.

How do I find men's work shirts?

Whether you work in the office, in the shop, on the construction site or in production, you are sure to find a shirt that suits you in our range. You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to comfort, design and functionality. Men's work shirts are one of the most essential items in a stylish man's wardrobe.

Work shirts 100% cotton

Basically, these are 100% cotton work shirts that are stylistically suitable for all occasions. When you have a women's work shirt, it is very important that it fits. If the shirt collar is too big, then it will be clearly visible if you put it on all the buttons and tie the tie around your neck. On the other hand, if the shirt is to be worn with the collar unbuttoned, the unbuttoned collar can sometimes even look better if the collar size is a bit narrow. 100% cotton work shirts are one of the garments that are closest to us, whether it's a women's work shirt or a flannel shirt. In our wide range you will also find everything from denim shirts to shirts with buttons and collars in different cuts and styles.

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  1. Flannel shirt Women
    As low as 53,00 €
  2. Pique fleece shirt jacket
    As low as 73,00 €
  3. High Vis Shirt
    As low as 94,00 €
  4. Flannel shirt
    As low as 53,00 €
  5. Flannel shirt
    As low as 53,00 €
  6. Ladies Twill shirt
    As low as 47,00 €
  7. Flannel shirt Women
    As low as 56,00 €
  8. Lined flannel shirt
    As low as 63,00 €
  9. Flame retardant shirt
    As low as 97,00 €
  10. Flame shirt
    As low as 147,00 €
  11. Multinorm shirt
    As low as 163,00 €
  12. Multinorm shirt
    As low as 169,00 €
  13. Carpenter Smock
    As low as 63,00 €
  14. Flannel shirt
    As low as 102,00 €
  15. Denim Shirt
    As low as 61,00 €
  16. Twill shirt
    As low as 41,00 €
  17. Twill shirt
    As low as 47,00 €
  18. Twill shirt
    As low as 47,00 €
  19. Shirt
    As low as 56,00 €
  20. Flamestat coat 3074 ATHS
    As low as 299,00 €
  21. ESD coat 3080 ELP
    As low as 149,00 €
  22. Flamestat shirt 7200 ATS
    As low as 169,00 €
  23. Food shirt 7001 P159
    As low as 47,00 €
  24. Food short coat 3003 P154
    As low as 59,00 €
  25. Food long coat 3004 P154
    As low as 59,00 €
  26. Flamestat shirt 7074 ATS
    As low as 189,00 €
  27. Flannel shirt 7421 MSF
    As low as 49,00 €
  28. Coat 3001 P154
    As low as 119,00 €
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