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    Hotels and restaurants require high quality work daily,so it is important that the clothes facilitate the working process. We offer smart and reliable collections for stressful days, with something for everyone, and the common appeal of the garments are reliability, convenience and functionality.






    Cookware, restaurant clothing for kitchen and restaurant

    Working conditions in hotel and restaurant can be demanding and therefore the garments must also be durable. Employees often change their clothes and the garments are washed over and over again at high temperatures. The hotel and restaurant clothes we sell are sewn in durable materials and are well-suited to the challenging everyday life. Among our kitchen clothes you will find several clothes types: jackets, cookware, shirts, serving clothes, pants, caps and aprons. The garments have thoughtful details to help ease the tough job: double-sided garments, magnificent buttons, capability for attaching cheeseclothes, women's breeches, inner, side pen and kangaroo pockets, and movement clocks or slits in rocks, shirts and aprons. Some models have elastic so that they fit several sizes. In addition, some of our organic cotton garments are available. When the staff appreciate the comfortable clothing, we sell functional garments that are designed with a good fit.

    In order for the employee to feel good at work, we offer our hotel and kitchen clothes with attractive cuts in varying colors, styles and sizes that suit both large and small body shapes. Whether you want to emphasize a classical look at your workplace or if you have a permissive attitude to stylish interpretations of the professional role, we hope to meet your needs. Ordering the right clothes is a good investment. Welcome to shop for hotel and restaurant clothes! Our clothes are shipped 1-5 days after you made the order.

    Cookware, kitchen clothes, restaurant clothes, serving clothes, hotel clothes are names for Workwear in hotel and restaurant. Workwear helps you to find high quality hotel and kitchen clothes at the right price.

Hotel & Restaurant

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