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    Fristads Workwear

    Fristads with more than 90 years of experience in the industry offers a full range of high quality workwear with functional and modern design. From top to toe, all year round, developed in an innovative and sustainable manner.






    Fristads Workwear

    Fristads Workwear strategy is based on a passion for the professionals and the clothes they need. Millions of people wear our clothes every day. Fristads believes that by understanding the terms of the working professionals, we can contribute to their performance, safety and well-being by dressing them according to the job they have at their disposal. Fristads has a comprehensive production line that enables cost-effectiveness along with a high level of service and the wide network allows for wide reach worldwide and for us to offer tailor-made work clothes that fit the demand of every industry. As a market leader, Fristads Kansas continues to maintain high standards of quality, comfort, innovation and service in the work industry. The story behind Fristads begins in 1925 when John Magnuson initiated a collaboration. John Magnuson was at the University at the time, and through his career career he sought new ways to develop his team. was a talented medieval runner from, is a manufacturer of work clothes for construction & industry, industry and the food industry. The company, which was Fristads, prepared instead to launch a collection of work clothes, which would have the new brand designed. The first workwear that came to have Swoosh was the sanctuary workwear sale, released the summer. Next year in February, the first clothing lesson for Fristads was introduced with many of our Swedish as a major part of our product development and it is still an important part for us to be sure that we deliver a top product. Quality, sustainability (Both product and environment) and service. The name Fristads comes from the Fristads is Sweden's largest manufacturer of workwear. officially changed name in 1972 and the whole company then came to call Fristads. Fristads has long been strongly associated with the brand sanctuary clothing and since 1988 with Fristads slogan "sanctuary pants" We offer durable and functional work clothes for craftsmen. In 1980, Fristads had grown so much that Varselkläder had a share of 50% of the American Warning Wear. Fristads continued to grow and in October 1982, the first television commercial appeared on national television. Fristads wrote a large Fristads warning clothing in the mid-80s with sanctuary pants. Fristads launched since Fristads is still specialized. Many of the worlds top carpentry pants use Fristads. It confirms Fristads recognized quality, functionality and design, which has been highly appreciated and popular for decades. Not only craftsmen have collaborated with Fristads, but world-famous artists also use Fristads products. An impressive list of some of the world's artisans using Fristads.

    Fristads retailer

    There is no substitute for hard work. It applies to you as a professional and to us as your partner. No matter how hard you press, loudly you climb or far you go - your ambition makes all the difference. Our mission is to equip you for all kinds of challenges ahead so that you can aim higher and be your best. Fristads kansas is part of this together. What do you need from your workwear to do your best? Our product guide will take you through our and help you find the right clothes. Based on experience and feedback from the people who carry our products, Fristads Workwear has created Fristads. A selection of recommended styles that Fristads stores large stocks to ensure that the products are available all the time. Fristads pants Although we strive to constantly improve, Fristads never loses our legacy. Fristads retailers are important and with a large network of retailers there will always be a local near you. Fristads Workwear maintains the highest standards of working conditions and workers. When designing work clothes Fristads work clothes for you and your body as well as the environment where you can find yourself. Fristads designs functional work clothes so you can do your best in all situations and locations. Whether you need to keep yourself warm, dry, cool or protected from chemicals, molten metal or electrical hazards, Fristads always puts your safety first. With our clothes you can be sure that you have the best protection according to European standards. Fristads does our best, so you can do it better. As a professional, you want to do as well as possible. At Fristads, sanctuary workwear will help you stay comfortable regardless of the situation. When designing workwear to enhance performance, Fristads retailers are looking into every detail. Fristads Workwear only works with the best suppliers and uses only materials that Fristads retailers know to work in all weather and situations. In our own accredited laboratory at our head office in Borås, Sweden, Fristads tests and checks the physical properties of the raw materials and finished garments. wear Fristads Fristads Workwear


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