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    Snickers Workwear

    To be able to perform on a high level more than good skills are required. It comes down to having right equipment as well. Snickers workwear have undertaken the task to help you with equipment.






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    LiteWork, RuffWork and AllroundWork Modern workwear that combines fantastic fit and work comfort with durable advanced functionality. The ultimate choice for daily work in all types of work environments Durable design for tough jobs. Snickers Workwear, durable work trousers that combine outstanding fit with enhanced functionality. For the professionals who need equipment they can rely on in demanding environments.


    Snickers Workwear leads the development of advanced work clothes and with the new generation of work trousers we take another step. With our new concept, we introduce four different pants families, all of which are adapted to different needs and different types of work. All are designed for superior working comfort at every stage With Snickers Workwear you can expect to get reliable protection with advanced materials, regardless of the season. From winter to summer, we have the right work jacket designed for your needs at work. 6200 AllroundWork, Work trousers with holster pockets Modern work trousers combine stunning fit and durable comfort with advanced functionality. Superior knee protection, built-in ventilation and stretch wedge in the branch for really all-round work 6902 FlexiWork, Work trousers + with holster pockets Extreme work comfort and flexibility. Super lightweight work trousers with high-tech body-mapped design that combines ventilating stretch material with Cordura® reinforcements and holster pockets for outstanding motion freedom and functionality. 6200 AllroundWork, Work trousers with holster pockets Tough design for rough work. Powerful work trousers that combine stunning fit with enhanced functionality. With Cordura® 1000 reinforced knee protection, built-in ventilation and stretch wedge in the branch for durable comfort at work. 6215 RuffWork Handicraft pants with holster pockets, Cotton 6202 RuffWork Work pants with holster pockets. Snickers Workwear köp online Snickers Workwear 6206 LiteWork, 37.5® Work trousers + with holster pockets Super-light work trousers keep you cool, dry and ventilated when working hard or working in hot climates. Advanced technology and superior knee protection for outstanding comfort and protection at work. 6206 LiteWork, Work trousers with holster pockets 6202 RuffWork Work trousers + with holster pockets

Snickers Workwear

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